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We started on Zoom..

We are all getting pretty used to adjusting to a different way of life. Finding new ways to catch up with friends and family over video calls, giving online exercises classes a go, and not forgetting the important task of home schooling our children.

We caught up with Harmac Homes first home buyers Tiff & T, their new home journey started a bit differently too. 

‘Due to COVID, our first meeting with Harmac Homes was over Zoom,’ new home buyer Tiff explained. 

‘We were able to see Dan and Katie, and had the ability to share their screen to view everything they had on their screen while they spoke to us about it all.’

Tiff and her partner T contacted the team at the Harmac Homes Bendigo display home and were invited to a virtual meet to look at options to suit their needs. As first home buyers, the information gathering was a very important part of their journey – an area the Harmac Homes team is renowned for being intuitive, honest and transparent.

‘We’ve definitely adapted the way we communicate with clients in the current environment, and believe it or not, it even feels more personal and engaging meeting over Zoom,’ says Katie Greenland new homes consultant for the Bendigo region.

‘Because everyone, including us, is aware it’s different, it feels like we’re all focussed on making it work, listening and responding, making an effort to not talk over each other. Being able to see each other makes a difference, it’s really like we are in the same room!’

The Harmac Homes team set up the meeting in Zoom – the preferred channel of the client –choosing a time that worked for all parties. Ideally the experience is maximised when clients can access the meeting via a computer or a tablet, that way plans, options and images can be shared for discussion.

‘The quality of the meeting was 10 out of10. We could hear and see everything as clear as if we were in person,’ said Tiff 

‘We would highly recommend Zoom meetings to anyone not feeling comfortable heading into the office, as we were able to get all the information needed without leaving our home. We were very nervous about starting the journey, Dan and Katie have made the process very easy so far with no stress at all.’

Are you ready to meet online?
While in some areas the Harmac Homes team can’t meet with you in person at the moment, they are ready to discuss your needs via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or whatever video conferencing tool suits your needs.  

Share screens to discuss plans, go over quote details, understand inclusions and continue the new home discussion. It’s your dream, and they’re committed to making it happen for you. 

To get started Book an Appointment or call 1300 640 180.

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