25 Year Structural Guarantee


Quality to last the test of time.

Harmac Homes provide a 25-year structural guarantee to the client(s) that have contracted the build of their new home with Harmac Homes.

It's our promise to you.

Harmac Homes is committed to high standards of quality assurance. Standing by the quality of every home with an independent quality model, involving a thorough inspection and re-inspection process.

Independent Inspection

Before the new home is ready for handover, a quality inspector visits the work site and thoroughly checks over all aspects of the build to ensure it meets relevant building quality standards.


In the event that the independent consultant finds any items that require attention, they will need to schedule a re-inspection of the home site to verify that the item has been rectified to satisfactorily to meet quality standards.

Certificate of quality

Once the independent inspector has confirmed the home meets all levels of quality standards, they will issue an inspection certificate, which can be accessed by the new home buyer for ultimate confidence in their new home quality.

25-Year Guarantee

Harmac Homes provide a 25-year structural guarantee to the client(s) that have contracted the build of their new home with Harmac Homes. The guarantee is not transferable to subsequent purchasers or beneficiaries of the home or property. During the term of the guarantee Harmac Homes will rectify any structural failure present in the home and any damage to the home directly caused by the structural failure. “Structural Failure” means any failure equal or greater than “Damage Category 3” as defined in “AS2870 Residential Slabs and Footings” present in any of the following structural elements of the home:

-       Load bearing masonry-as defined in AS4773.1-2010

-       Footing systems-as defined in AS2870-2010

-       Structural timbers and steel in walls and roof framing-as defined in AS1684 & AS1720

Terms and Conditions
This guarantee covers structural failure of any concrete foundations, structural brickwork, structural timbers or structural steel but does not include damage or failure caused by owners works including landscaping and failure to follow and maintain the foundations as per the CSIRO information sheet no. 10-91, storm, fire, flood, act of terrorism or abuse and neglect. The 25 year structural guarantee is not transferable. If the home is sold or passed onto a new owner the home reverts to the legislated 6 years and 6 months warranty as per the Building Act 1993 which commences from completion of works which is defined by the date of the Occupancy Permit.

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