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Why quality assurance is important

If you’ve decided to build a new home, or still in the midst of the decision process, you’ve probably already been told ‘a new home is one of the biggest life milestones you will encounter’.

And it’s true, it is a big step. Some people only do it once, others do it a few times as their family grows and shrinks, and others do it for a hobby. Whichever category you fall into, one of the constants across all new home buyers is that quality is important and it should be a big part of the decision making process.

There’s quality promises and there’s quality assurance and guarantees, and there’s a big difference. All builders will make statements about their quality promise, their internal standards and how many years they have been in business, to provide new home buyers with confidence. What to look out for is how are they measuring their quality, and ensuring it meets and exceeds standards and regulations.

A builder that includes a quality assurance process incorporating an external building expert inspecting the homes before they are handed over to clients, is truly committed to quality. But what’s involved and how does that benefit the new home buyer?

Independent Inspection 
Before the new home is ready for handover, a quality inspector visits the work site and thoroughly checks over all aspects of the build to ensure it meets relevant building quality standards.

In the event that the independent consultant finds any items that require attention, they will need to schedule a re-inspection of the home site to verify that the item has been rectified to satisfactorily to meet quality standards.

Certificate of quality
Once the independent inspector has confirmed the home meets all levels of quality standards, they will issue an inspection certificate, which can be accessed by the new home buyer for ultimate confidence in their new home quality.

Harmac Homes is committed to high standards of quality assurance. Standing by the quality of every home with an independent quality model, involving a thorough inspection and re-inspection process. Every customer home includes a 25-Year Structural Guarantee, for new home buyers’ peace of mind.

For more information about the Harmac Homes independent quality assurance process contact your closest display home consultant.

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