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Time is ticking…

All good things must come to an end, and the HomeBuilder grant is no exception. While the construction start dates have been extended (by 3 months), the original contract timeline remains unchanged. So, what does that mean working backwards to today, and how can you be sure you won’t fall through calendar cracks?

‘New home buyers often under estimate the time it takes to finetune the ‘dream-home-wish-list’, that’s just making sure you know your budget, what you need in the way of bedrooms and living space and where you want to live,’ says Sales & Marketing Manager David Woods.

‘And, that’s before the deposit and contract process begins. There’s definitely some key milestone dates that you need to be aware of, you’d never forgive yourself if you missed the deadline’

According to the HomeBuilder grant criteria, home buyers must have a building contract signed by December 31 2020. Let’s work backwards from the start of your building to today, the 7 steps to get your timeline on track!

7. The building begins
With every new home booked into a set ‘site start month’, the schedule soon fills up. And once it’s full, it’s full! Harmac Homes currently has start availability from February 2021, keeping in mind, for the HomeBuilder grant, the requirement is to commence on site within 6 months of contract signing. 
Already the availability is limited with a set amount of ‘builds’ available for a pre June 30 start.

6. Contract signing
Harmac Homes can Fast Track eligible building contracts, with the aim to have them back to you within 3 weeks. If you have made changes to a design (or booked a visit to the Design Rouge Studio required), your contract may take a little longer, so it’s important to make sure you have room in your timeline.
The latest you can sign a contract is December 31, most builders close for Christmas by December 20.

5. Deposit time
Paying your initial deposit is more than starting the payment  process for your new home, it’s also the security to book in your site start (when your home can be scheduled to start, crucial for HomeBuilder qualification), locks in the current price and kicks off the contract preparation process. So while you may be building in new year, you can make the most of 2020 pricing, which will be quite different to 2021 pricing!
Best advice is to ensure your contract is underway by mid-October.

4. Quotation review
Your Harmac Homes sales consultant will create a fixed price quotation with $40,000 worth of luxury added – items many other builders call upgrades – personalised for you. Items like floor coverings, driveway, higher ceilings, downlights are all included in your Harmac Homes quote. The sales team can take you through your quote over the phone or via Zoom (so you can share screens and discuss documents). 
Fine-tuning your quote can take a few weeks, make sure you have a quotation to review by the end of September.

3. Secure your land
If you don’t have a block of land already, a house and land package is a great solution to get your new home journey on the way. With exclusive access to titled land, and partnerships with leading developers, the Harmac Homes team can help you to find the perfect block to match your lifestyle needs, work within your budget and suit the design you love. Without land, you can’t apply for the HomeBuilder grant!
The land conversation needs to start as soon as possible as new land is released in line with the extended HomeBuilder deadline – it goes very quickly!

2. Finance check
The earlier you can discuss your financial situation with a new home specialist the better. You then have time to make lifestyle changes, save extra dollars and tidy up liabilities (credit cards and loans). Harmac Homes partners with AussieWide financial consultants who specialise in construction loans, your sales consultant can put you in contact with an adviser.
A finance check with AussieWide will set you up with a plan and can coincide with your research.

1. Research phase
While displays homes in metropolitan areas are currently closed for browsing (regional homes can be viewed by appointment), each Harmac display home is available to view via a 3D walk through, a great way to explore every aspect of the home. You can even use the built in measurement tool to check spatial areas and room layouts. Better still, book in a Zoom appointment and walk through virtually with a new home specialist. You can share screens and take the tour together while your Harmac consultant explains the design features, extensive inclusions and personalised options.

And, that brings us to today, the months turn to weeks, then days, and…

Don’t miss out on $25k worth of HomeBuilder grants, start the conversation today, contact 1300 640 180.

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