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Layer upon layer…

So here’s the best styling tip for a lush magazine-style look in your home – it’s all about layers. It’s not always about buying expensive décor items, because when you want a change it can be hard to justify replacing those items with a healthy conscience. The layered look is mixing and matching, colours, textures and materials for an individual and flexible style. Let’s explore…

Layering can be a great way to introduce pops of colour, or maybe your hero colour into a room. With neutral palettes throughout furnishings and wall colour the layering of throw rugs on a couch or bed in contrasting hues can create a visual focal point in a room. The tip is to not overdo the throws, otherwise the room can feel over filled.

Layer 1

Layer 2

Mayflower 1224 on display at Rathdowne Estate, Wollert.


Playing with different textures, such as varying size wool knits paired with faux fur cushions, all in the similar or complementary tones, adds depth across the room. But, don’t choose textures purely on their looks, they need to be functional, i.e. comfy! 

Layer 3

Pegasus 1427 on display at Botanical Estate, Mickleham

Layer 5

Pegasus 1430 on display at Elmwood Estate, Bendigo

Layering isn’t just limited to arranging throws and cushions, the same principles apply to arranging vignettes of interesting items or trinkets of different materials. It’s adding another ‘layer’ to a room, whether the items pick up on other colours in the room, or create a unique colour pop. This is a great way to add a layered effect to rooms where throw rugs don’t apply, like kitchen corners or powder rooms.

Layer 6

Layer 7

Mayflower 1224 on display at Rathdowne Estate, Wollert.

Change it up

The best part of layered style, is the versatility. Change the order of the cushions, re-arrange the throws, or move objects to a new corner, for a full new look! Additionally, swap an item out to change the colour pop, or just move it to another room.

Layer 8

Pegasus 1427 on display at Botanical Estate, Mickleham

Explore the art of layering throughout the Harmac Homes display homes. No need to book an appointment, just drop in and we can show you around. Find your nearest display by heading to our Display Home Locations.

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