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Blinds or shutters or sheers

…or all of the above!

There was a time, long long ago, where ordering a ‘house-lot’ of window coverings to be matchy-matchy was the right thing to do. If it was curtains, then every room had curtains, all of the same style, with the only variance being using some different shades within a complementary palette. 

Maybe we can credit reality TV shows like The Block or the wave of do-it-yourself home makers, but we are here to tell you ‘mix and match’ when it comes to window coverings is the hot style tip.

The latest addition to the Harmac Homes display home family at the Harpley Estate, Werribee is the new Rochford 1225A and it is the perfect example of how to seamlessly blend shutters, sheer curtains and roller blinds, all within the same home.

Whether it’s choosing the solution for its features like light blocking, thermal protection or privacy, or matching a style to suit a room, there’s no reason you can’t have it all. 

Here’s some tips to get you thinking.

Timeless Shutters
Plantation shutters are seeing a resurgence in popularity due to their practical benefits and aesthetic effect. When installed to sit inside the window cavity, they create a seamless look that looks visually appealing when fully closed, partially open or folded back. Shutters are particularly effective at protecting your home from the heat of summer and equally efficient at keeping the warmth in during winter. The full light blockout effect when closed and the privacy maintained when tilted open means provides a very versatile solution. 

Romantic sheers
Full height sheer curtains are definitely the flavour of the moment! Equally suited to bedrooms and living areas alike, the flowy full length fabric creates a feeling of space and luxury in a room. When installed with an s-fold track, the effect is a soft and continuous wave that is maintained whether they are open and closed. For some rooms, these curtains may need to be paired with a roller blind for privacy and/or heat reduction.

Harmac Homes Werribee 2882 Harmac Homes Werribee 2875 2

Contemporary rollers
For a versatile option, roller blinds can be light filtering, block out or a combination of both, and can be paired with curtains and drapes. Many choose rollers for their minimalist look, they don’t over power a room as a focal point, but rather fulfil a functional addition. Nowadays the colour options are endless, but more often a neutral tone is suggested so the furnishings become the hero.

Harmac Homes Werribee 2893

To check out the Rochford in person contact the team on 1300 640 180.

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